Meet Our Riders:


Pony Club


Parish B.
Parish has been riding for just over a year and is a new member for 2019!  She leases a Gypsy/TB mare named Fallon and loves cantering though fields. Welcome Parish!

Oliver C. 
Oliver has been riding off and on for a year but he is a natural.  Oliver dreams of being a jockey and loves to go fast! Oliver is a new member for 2019! Welcome Oliver!

Evie S.
Evie is a super fun kid and loves to trot.  She is riding Bandit this year and is excited to make new friends and learn about horses. Evie is a new member for 2019! Welcome Evie!
Emmie has been riding for 4 years and recently got a fabulous mare named Gracie.  They are currently jumping 2ft courses and plan to work on their control and rhythm.  Emmie is a new member for 2019! Welcome Emmie!

Torey leases an adorable paint mare named Stetsy and takes lessons with Mrs. Sydney.  She is a new member for 2019! Welcome Torey!

Justin G.

Justin has been riding on an off all his life. Justin will be riding Aly this year and plans to work on his balance and control. Justin is a new member for 2019! Welcome Justin!

Claire C.

Claire takes lessons with Ms. Hanna and will ride just about any horse you put in front of her.  She loves the barn and all things horse related.  Claire is a new member for 2019! Welcome Claire!

Julianne D.

Julianne is the daughter of Biz, one of the original members of our club! Julianne is so excited to have fun with her pony and make new friends! She is a new member for 2019! Welcome Julianne!

Mackenzie C.

Mackenzie takes lessons with both Ms. Hanna and Mrs. Sydney.  She rides Mr. P and is working hard on improving her horse management skills. Mackenzie is a new member for 2019! Welcome Mackenzie!

Bailey C.

Bailey has been riding for almost half her life and leases Deuce, an Appendix Quarter horse.  They love jumping and especially cross country! Bailey is a new member for 2019! Welcome Bailey!

Anna Claire A.

Anna Claire has been riding for 6 years and has experience in western style riding.  She recently started riding english and she is interested in learning more about the three disciplines of Eventing.  She is a new member for 2019! Welcome Anna Claire!

Grace S.

Grace has been riding since 2012 and has experience in a number of western disciplines, as well as equitation, dressage, and showmanship.  She is currently schooling 2nd level dressage and she is interested in learning more about working equitation.  Grace is a new member for 2019! Welcome Grace!

Ava M.

Ava has been riding for almost a year and takes lessons with any instructor that is available.  She will be riding Fallon, a Gypsy/TB, for Pony Club and plans to work on control and her position.  Ava is a new member for 2019! Welcome Ava!

Addy M.

Georgia B.

Lilli A.

Camille S.

Gabby B.

Bax B.

Horse Masters

Christy W.

Christy is the secretary of our club and makes sure we stay organized.  She recently completed her C-3 level rating with her lovely mare, Reign, and plans to compete at training level in events this year.

Sydney E.

Sydney is the Co-DC, and an instructor for our club.  Sydney is a 4* level event rider and represented the USA on our most recent Nations Cup Team at the Great Meadow International Event. Sydney is a new member for 2019! Welcome Sydney!

Carol G.

Carol is Hanna's mother and co-owner of Eightfold Farms. She recently purchased her dream horse, Marilynn, a 16.1 hand, dark bay, warmblood mare. They make a great team and we are so happy to have them as a part of our club. Carol is a new member for 2019! Welcome Carol!

Hanna G.

Hanna is the DC and an instructor for our club.  Hanna co-owns and manages Eightfold Farms, the location for our planned summer camp. Hanna plans on using her 5 year old,  Holsteiner, Charlie, for PC and is excited for our mounted meeting on games!  Hanna is a new member for 2019! Welcome Hanna!

Gretchen W.

Gretchen is one of our clubs most active members and she volunteers at almost every PC function! Gretchen rides Nefer, her own, 17+ hand


Amy B.
Amy is Parish's mother and she has been riding all her life. With a foundation based in saddle seat Amy is a stylish and effective rider. She is also a new member for 2019. Welcome Amy!

Tracy H.

Tracy is the treasurer of our club and owns Holly Hill Farm,  the home of our club. We are so thankful for all of Tracy's support for PC throughout the years. Tracy loves all things horse and loves to have fun!


Aimee H.